About Creative United Portfolio

Creative United Portfolio provide an easy way for Malaysian artist and designers to share their portfolio. Currently, there is a need to have a platform for creative content community to ease the task of discover, inspire and nurture creative talents. Creative United Portfolio is the answer. We help users to showcase and promote their project portfolios. We are supporting showcase in JPEG images media type as well as display videos hosted by Youtube platform.

Our target market is creative students (at university, colleges, schools, self-taught), creative practitioners (artist, designers and more), companies, educational institution and other related parties. We want to make it easier to find great talents, from beginning as well as helping talents to nurture their skills and networks. Currently, it is hard for students to get exposure. Getting to know great companies is hard work. At at the same time, it is very hard for companies looking for new emerging great talents. Via our systems, each parties can explore one another domain at the comfort of their home or office. Students can identified dreams company to internship or work. Companies can check out artist and designers, making friends and get them interested into working in their organisation.

Creative United Portfolio. Discover, inspire and nurture Malaysian creative talents.